scalable and custom
Scalable and tailored software development
We study the needs of our customers to develop unique, robust and scalable solutions.
We develop in several languages: PHP, JAVA, .NET, PHYTON, C, JavaScript and handle the following database engines: MYSQL, MS SQL Server and Oracle.
We specialize in the electronic management of documents, macros, information in databases, mobile applications, web and multimedia applications, we provide technological consulting and development of quality software supported on technology platforms Appropriate.

Web Applications

Use the cloud and have your information at any time, we use technologies: PHP, JAVA, .NET, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, among others; all the work we do based on development frameworks such as Bootstrap, Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend Framework, Backbone, Ember, Angular, Jquery, asp. Net, Hibernate, Junit and Spring .Net. The operations method of our applications is based on the Client-Server model, and we develop applications using web services such as:(SOA, SOAP, and REST).

Software development in different languages
Software development for mobile devices

Mobile Apps

We create, design and develop mobile applications for operating systems: IOS, Android and Windows mobile.
The development of mobile applications offers multiple opportunities for your company, since they put you at the forefront in technology and information systems, and reinforce the positioning of the brand in its niche market. In addition to helping to expand the market, mobile application development strategies allow you to have always up-to-date and centralized information.

Desktop Applications

We develop applications that are installed on the User’s computer or that are run directly by the Microsoft Windows operating system.
We create desktop applications with data connection or persistence in the most well-known database engines, such as: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Mysql among others. We focus on developing unique solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.

Software Development for Desktop Applications