Basic Corporate


Brands with their own identity, memorable, that adequately communicate to your target audience.
We deliver the vectorized logo so that you can scale it to any size without pixelation and a document that contemplates the following characteristics:

  • Security zone
  • Minimum use of the logo
  • Correct uses of the logo
  • Variants of the logo
  • Corporate color palette
  • Typography used

We have a professional team that has long experience in the creation of corporate identity, our designs transmit to your customers everything your business or company offers.


We design your corporate image tailored, from the idea or concept that the client wants to convey with the creation of the logo in question, through market analysis, conceptualization and creativity.

The basic corporate package has the following characteristics:

  • Logo: Vectorized and a document that includes the security zone and minimum use of the logo and its uses and variants.
  • Business cards: 1000 business cards, full color, 2-sided, with matte and reserve uv.
  • Letterhead: 1000 letterheads printed with 4 inks in bond 75grs letter size.
  • Envelopes Letterheads: 1000 letterhead envelopes printed with 4 inks in bond 75 grs letter size.
  • Institutional folder: Design and printing of 1000 corporate folders of two bodies with large pocket, in propalcote 300 gr. Matte plasticized.

Additional information

Weight 2576 g
Dimensions 27.9 × 21.6 × 5 cm


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